Dances With Films


Our time at Dances With Films was, in a word…incredible. In every way possible.

Driving to the theater alone a few hours before the screening I had a few moments to think about how far both the film and our team have come over the last few years. Independent filmmaking is made up of a long series of highs and lows…you’re constantly hoping the highs outweigh those lows. I can’t think of a higher point than seeing the film we’ve all worked on for so long on a giant screen at the TCL Chinese Theatres right in the middle of Hollywood. The event was a dream come true.

The picture and sound were perfect and the crowd seemed to really enjoy the film.  We walked the green carpet before the screening and then after the credits rolled, we had a lengthy Q&A where we were able to have a detailed DUSK discussion with the audience.

It was fantastic to see a number of friends and family in the room, 2,000 miles away from where the film was shot. We were also able to catch a few great movies and meet some incredibly talented filmmakers while we were in Los Angeles.

We are honored to have been a member of this year’s class of Dances With Films filmmakers and simply can’t thank Felicia Lambreton and the rest of the DWF team enough for everything they did to create such a festival…and most importantly, taking a chance on our film.

Ryan Lewis


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