Premiere Recap


It has been about a month since DUSK premiered at the Cleveland International Film Festival. The experience still seems very surreal. Screening the film for friends and family (with our cast/crew sneak preview in November) was thrilling enough, but putting your work in front of a packed house full of strangers and film buffs takes things to a whole new level. The audience didn’t know us and had no reason to sugar coat their reactions.

With that in mind, I spent most of the premiere trying desperately to read the audience’s reaction or see if I could sense the overall vibe in the room. Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t. However, when the credits rolled, I can honestly say that their response was fantastic, truly inspiring. Applause…and lots of it. This experience reminded why I got into filmmaking in the first place, to tell stories through this amazing medium.

We put together a little highlight reel of our week…

The premiere was just the beginning of DUSK’s journey and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

Michael Maney


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