Preview screening


A week has passed since we held a preview screening of DUSK for the film’s cast and crew and I’m still coming down from the high of showing it in that setting to such an amazing crowd. The turnout was huge. The theater was perfect. And the reaction from the audience was overwhelming.

Throughout the long (and sometime tedious) production and post-production processes, it is hard to imagine that there will be a day when you’ll be able to sit back and watch the final results with your friends, family and colleagues, seeing how everything translates to the ‘big screen’ (I mean that quite literally…the screen was huge). Now that the day has come and gone, I couldn’t have imagined it turning out better.

You need a small army to finish a feature film and I am so grateful for the unbelievable support we’ve received within our community. After getting a chance to share DUSK with a large chunk of that army, I can tell you that I absolutely cannot wait to begin pushing this film out to festivals and distributors, and ultimately finding a home for the film where it can find its audience.

Michael Maney

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